No Spam Here

It is becoming increasingly obvious that spam has taken over cyberspace. If your comment does not show up after you have submitted it, please give it some time. I am moderating the postings that go onto my page and I do that when I am not at work. However, if your comment never shows up, it may be for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You sent a link to an offensive page that had a redirect to a porn site.
  • You included an invite to participate in some inappropriate behaviour.
  • There were more expletives in each sentence than necessary.
  • The most substantive thing in your comment was a link to a page that set off my virus software.
  • The priest reading your comment over my shoulder had a cardiac arrest.

I am sure it may feel like I am slamming fingers in the drawer by not allowing distasteful comments, links, and embedded photos of full frontal nudity on my page. I may even be considered a twirp for not wanting other readers clicking on links to pages that have viruses in surplus. This is a journal about eating at restaurants, not a page about eating that which is not on a menu or indulging human curiosities in trash. Happy reading and when you do find yourself in one of the restaurants, be good. And if you can’t be good, then improvise.

Remember. No spam here, and I’m not talking about that awful stuff in a can.


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