Sacrificing to My Appetite

Wishbone Restaurant, MontageIt has been about a year and a week to the date since I had written a journal about trips to any ethnic restaurants in Chicago and the metropolitan area. Traveling yet again being the main culprit. Scheduling conflicts, as the number of people trying to join the outings had increased, introducing problems with trying to manage timing, personal interests, and babying. All of the above had become problematic. Another change is that I have now become primarily vegetarian. While that was not an issue for my constant friend who started going to the restaurants with me, the numerous others who tagged along later felt that going to eateries that did not have meat on the bill of fare was a personal infringement to them. So, I bowed out graciously. And then I find out later that my presence was what kept the outings in motion; there was no more dining for the others who remained after I faded out.

With me doing more personal photo journalism, I keep any one of my cameras handy. No sooner would I pull out my camera to photograph my food than I would have someone from the kitchen engage me about why I am taking snapshots of my food. Not using a point-and-click, but a high-end camera instead, there is a question of whether I am perhaps working for a magazine or side newspaper. There is then lengthy conversation, an invitation to the kitchen, or both. So, I have resorted to doing the excursions solo. I admit that I miss the feel of community that came with my previous food adventures. But as I have accepted the fact that the only constant in life is change, much like I discovered with my move towards vegetarianism, dining alone has opened up some doors that I never would have found if I had an entourage in tow gasping about location, scheduling, and the menu. Life moves on. And I must eat still. Hahaha.

2 thoughts on “Sacrificing to My Appetite

  1. Hi –

    I received the link to your blog from one of my blog readers/friends named “D”. She suggested I visit here for ideas on places to go, etc. in Chicago. I will be making my first trip there in September and am excited to go to some great restaurants with the fam. If you have any other recommendations, please visit my blog and contact me through the comments – all info would be helpful!

    Thank you,

    P.S. Love your blog!


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