When In Chicago

When in Rome, you do as the Romans do. But I am in Chicago. And this city is chock full of options. Today I decided to deviate slightly from the original plan of journaling ethnic restaurants only. I opted to write about a cert breakfast spot in the city. Yes, I opted to scribe a nice missive about the most important meal of the day without any ethnic flair. Someone is shaking his or her head and asking the question, “Why?”

I shall maintain the original charter of Chicago Alphabet Soup. However, my food alarm goes off constantly, which means I may wonder into any one of the countless eateries, delis, restaurants, or storefront boutiques for some get-down on some savoury food. Today was just the beginning and one that was well worth it.

So be on the lookout for some annotations and some embedded videos of me having my say, my fill, and my moments of bliss getting crumbs in my beard, gravy on my chin, and a constant, stupid smile on my face.

Ugh, my food alarm is ringing again!

Poached Egg and Ricotta over Foccaccia

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