Spicing it up a Bit

I am a huge fan of diversity, especially when it comes to all the good things that I can sink my teeth into without complaint. And while I am on my hunt for the Holy Grail of Chicago’s finest eateries, I am starting to indulge my strict vegetarian palate in the process. Chicago is bursting with restaurants that cater to those who are health conscious, me being one of those who fall into that category. Hmmm. I should perhaps put that into context. I tend to eat more than normal and that is not health conscious in the least. But it is satisfying.

Over time I will add more pure vegetarian restaurants to Chicago Alphabet Soup. These eateries may not be ethnic, as in non-American, as plenty will be contemporary — contemporary meaning they may fall into any vegetarian or vegan slot. Oh, I am staying away from trying to paint a pretty picture of me exerting myself on rabbit food.

And during it all, I have to figure out a way to get into the kitchen at some of these restaurants. Photographing and videotaping the food is one thing. I need to get some interviews or cooking action so that you, the reading audience, will get to see the face or faces behind the dishes that I have been mesmerizing you with. As you probably can tell, I am enjoying this way too much. Hahahaha.

2 thoughts on “Spicing it up a Bit

  1. back of the house (kitchen) would love to meet you. it’s easier than you think. one thing to keep in mind is don’t ask during ‘rush’ times. ie., 11-1 pm (lunch rush) or 7-8 (dinner rush). times might vary depending on the restaurant, but you get the picture. loving your blog. my mouth is always watering when i read it, even with the vegetarian dishes.


    • Thank you so much for the suggestion and for the positive feedback. As I add more to the food journal, that will be my entry into the back of the house.


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