Call to Action, Send-off

Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Hopefully everyone had a fun holiday and ate their fair share of goodness served to them. I know I had a ridiculously filling holiday feast, this year done up with African and Caribbean flare with my friends. While others had turkey, cornbread dressing, creamed sweet potatoes, potato salad, and stringbean casserole, my friends and I had rice and peas, curried chicken, jerk fish, bammy, peanut soup, and enough other dishes to feed a village. Nothing beats feasting with friends and family during the holidays.

Angin Mamiri, Outside

But as my weekend continued, I resumed my usual restaurant jaunts. And today I went to an Indonesian restaurant — the only one in Chicago — called Angin Mamiri and had a wonderful dining experience. Outstanding food and fantastic customer service made it an experience worthy of the trip in the cold weather that were are having here in Chicago. But I discovered during conversation with the waiter that they will be closing their doors in Spring of 2011 for a few months and then moving shop to Evanston. The current location, albeit heavy with vehicular traffic, does not have a lot of pedestrian traffic. Downtown Evanston will serve as a more inviting location thanks to the influx of cultural diversity from Northwestern University.

Udang Balada

If you are in Chicago and you want to sample some authentic delight from an Indonesian kitchen, make the trip up to Angin Mamiri at 2739 W. Touhy Avenue in Chicago’s Rogers Park. It was worth the trip to me in chilly temperatures. There is a guarantee that you will find the same palate satisfaction that I found. Wish them well in their new location and be sure to get the new address. The location may be different, but the food will be just as delicious.

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