Todo es bien en la tierra

Sancocho de Gallina
Hello, fellow food enthusiasts and reading audience. It appears that the year 2011 is starting off with a bang. I am finding more restaurants, as if that is a hard thing to do in Chicago. My push for migrating into being more serious about photojournalism through food and restaurant critiques is burning brighter within me. I am on the move. Considering the chilly weather we have been having in Chicago, I must admit that I am surprised at how I get out in the cold temperatures and manage to find myself in some restaurant getting satisfaction on a plate and in some cup. Part of it is I get to take advantage of free heat at these eateries instead of running the heat non-stop in my own condo. Yes, that is very self-serving of me.

Nevertheless, I have found a restaurant representative of an ethnicity starting with the elusive letter D. Dominican. I remember there being one restaurant in the city that had a Dominican flair to it, but I never wandered into that part of Chicago much. But I did today and oh was I glad that I did. I have a restaurant on Chicago Alphabet Soup for the letter D: Tropical Taste. According to the web, there are several Dominican restaurants in the city. However, after reading some of the information on the restaurants, they are actually Puerto Rican. That is just fine because I do not have a Puerto Rican restaurant on the blog. That can be addressed with no problem.

Now if only there was at least one restaurant in the city for those with a taste of food from Qatar, I would really have met a challenge. Then again, I am going to Doha, Qatar, in March, so I will simply have to settle for getting some food from there until a Qatari restaurant opens in Chicago. In the meantime, I will be on the hunt for another restaurant to sample.

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