Filling in Gaps

Camarones al Ajo

I looked at my calendar this morning and saw that January 2011 is practically history. And I sighed. I looked at my cough syrup bottle and recognized that I basically had that for a diet while combatting a severe sore throat, two days worth of sinus pressure that made light blinding, and a realization that with another month or two of cold weather to endure, I may find myself indulging yet another bottle of Robitussen. I sighed again. And then I put on a pair of jeans and had to accept the fact that I did not need a belt to keep them up. I inhaled. They did not shrink; I expanded. But on the eighth day God created appetite and Gino ran away with it immediately afterwards. Well, ain’t I a stinka?

Having been out of commission from dealing with the common cold — Why is there no permanent cure for it? — I awakened from my medicated stupor with my usual appetite. This time it was a little more than I could handle since the previous two days had felt like I had a torch blazing in my throat. No more earache. No more sore throat. No more chronic cough. The appetite was insatiable. I had to obey the monster.

Ever so appreciative of living in Chicago, I consulted Google for something different, something I had not done yet, something that would appease my growling belly. I had found a Dominican restaurant a few weeks past, but wanted something to start filling in some of the alphabets that I could with ease. The letter G looked a little lonely with just Greek, so I started trying to guess what ethnicity or country I could conjure up immediately that would do the trick. And it jumped out at me: Guatemalan. So, it was off to one of the trendy neighbourhoods to sample yet another Latin dish. Thank you, Google.

It really takes having time zoom by on you and being out of commission to come to terms with how important it is to take full advantage of life. I know there will be moments when I will not be able to get up and go due to some roadblock, but the prize for me at the end of it all is, hopefully, a plate of some tasty morsels to make my wait worth it. If you are catching the winter blues — to those of you above that bloody imaginary line that gets blasted with snow and frigid temperatures — keep positive thoughts and know that there is some restaurant that awaits you and your appetite.

Cough. Cough.

No, please not again. I just got over that damn, dreaded cough.

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