Orange Ya Glad It’s Finally Spring?

Orange-Ginger JuiceMemorial Day and I get the Monday off from work. The sky is completely blue, unlike the grey matter we had hovering over our heads for weeks carrying wind, rain, and chilly temperatures with it. It is warmer outside, not that I am a fan of heat; hence, you never hear me complain about cold weather. There is a God who loves me and enough to wake me with an appetite. Wait. That happens to be every morning.

I had made plans to visit an eclectic breakfast cafe in a neighbouring community, not too far from where I live. I had begun the weekend with a visit to a Nepalese-Indian restaurant and had walked away completely satisfied, albeit not thoroughly satisfied with not having bought more take-away because the food was so blooming delicious. But back to the eclectic breakfast eatery. I had decided that after I had finished running my five miles that I would go to Orange at 2011 W. Roscoe Avenue in Roscoe Village. Just off Damen Avenue is a stretch of swanky boutiques, oogie-poo-poo cafes, and chi-chi restaurants. And among them is one of my favourite American fineries — that being Orange.

Scrambled Eggs with Yogurt

Knowing that the cafe packs out fast, I rode my bicycle to Orange and got there half past the hour of their opening. With a pick of any seat, I opted for a window view so that I could watch the people pass along the way: my very own Norman Rockwell vista during breakfast. You know the restaurant is a little more exotic than most when your water comes with a cucumber slice in it. There was not much hesitation with me reviewing the menu. I knew what I wanted. I ordered fresh orange-ginger juice, French toast in chai, and eggs scrambled with yogurt. Well, an eclectic restaurant such as Orange panders to a bit of my eclectic taste, so the food for me had to be equally catchy. The French toast came as colossal slices of toast with ricotta cheese in between, powdered with cinnamon, dunked in chai and topped with slices of apples. No syrup was needed for this tasty bowl of wonder. As to the eggs with yogurt, there was no cream cheese, which is what I usually order scrambled in my eggs. So, I got even more experimental with the yogurt and I must admit that each bite was divine. The freshly squeezed orange juice with ginger in it was a perfect wrap-up to an outstanding breakfast. And the bill at the end of it all left me with extract change in my pocket and a smile on my face.

French Toast in Chai

Orange is a Chicago franchise, so I must apologize to those of you who are far, far away from the Chicago metropolis for tempting you with this review. Believe me when I say that the food was absolutely delectable. Then again, Chicago is only a car ride, train ride, bus ride, or flight away. Hmmm. People from the other side of the world take non-stop flights to Chicago. While you are here, venture up to 2011 W. Roscoe Village and get a seat at one of the finest, genuine, chi-chi restaurants for some of the best American breakfast you can find.

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