Acknowledging My Threshold

I Dream of Falafel

This past Saturday I ate to the point where it was 2:30 in the morning before I could lie down with any kind of comfort. I have come to the realization that American dining indulges gluttony and quick eating which is great for getting customers in and out of restaurants fast, but you will pay a price for rapid gorging. I had stuffed myself with a heavy breakfast and then went overboard with dinner. Now, I must say that I had no regrets while go over my limit — the regrets came afterwards.

Today I had no room for filling my belly until almost towards the end of the day. I had been doing some architectural photography and scouting for some areas to do more photography for my portfolio when there was a moment of realization that I had perhaps a little room for something solid — having had my fill of water to keep myself replenished during my walking. But what should catch my eye while in West Loop but I Dream of Falafel at 555 W. Monroe Avenue. Not specific to any exact country — esoteric to North Africa, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean — I figured I would see what was on the bill of fare and get something for a snack instead of anything to add to my feeling the previous night. Much like any fast food restaurant, I Dream of Falafel is a bright restaurant to add to the long list of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean eateries that are starting to dominate Chicago cuisine.

Sweet Potato Falafel with Tahini Sauce

I ordered sweet potato falafel with tahini sauce to stay in line with my want for snacks. What a fantastic choice. The four yummy treats were filling, as it were since bread will fill you up, and Utopian. I have yet to have falafel prepared to a point of being utterly discouraging to the palate, but these sweet potato falafel were crunchy on the outside without being hard and they were moist — the letter “t” is silent here — on the inside. Since I was going to do a bit more photography before the end of the day, I had some lemonade. What a combination. What a slice of heaven. And the price for it all? Under $5.00. Yes, four sweet potato falafel with tahini sauce and bottomless lemonade came to a price that will draw me back again and again. What a life.

If you work in the West Loop, live in the West Loop, or hang out in the West Loop, then add 555 W. Monroe Avenue to your global positioning system. Or add I Dream of Falafel and let the Molly give you the directions to get there. It is that good and I have not yet sampled any of the other menu items. Rest assure that I will over time, but I am actually daydreaming of falafel as I am typing this journal entry. It is a good thing that with me acknowledging my threshold I am only thinking of the snacks, not acting on my want for some more of them.

I Dream of Falafel on Urbanspoon

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