Batter & Berries and Breakfast Bliss

Berries & Batter

Weekends are for rest. Well, that has been the lie I had been convincing myself was real for the past few years. After long hours at work and then having to get on the computer to do extra stuff, I would look forward to weekends when I would stay in bed late, get up and grab a quick snack, and then lounge around my condo with a plate of something nearby. Alas, there are errands to run, clothes to wash, cleaning around the condo to be done, and a frenzied email that needs to be addressed. Nevertheless, work doesn’t end. So, I have to fortify myself for the onslaught. For example, today I met a great friend at Batter & Berries in Chicago’s Lincoln Park at 2748 N. Lincoln Avenue. Getting there involved work, as driving down roads riddled with cavernous pothole requires dexterity, quick reflexes, and a large vocabulary to avoid a potty vernacular when slamming into any of the many potholes.

Eggs Scrambled with Gouda Cheese

Eggs Scrambled with Gouda Cheese

My friend had gone to Batter & Berries already, so she had warned me of the crowd that the restaurant experiences. Chicago boasts some fantastic breakfast spots where people will gladly wait in long lines — inside or outside, even in cold temperatures — for a seat so that they can slice away at some pancakes, omelette, waffles, or sausages. Knowing the location of where Batter & Berries is, we agreed that we would get there shortly after the doors opened for business. Wouldn’t you believe that at 8:00 AM, the restaurant was full?

Eggs Benedict Over Crab Cakes With Hashbrowns

Eggs Benedict Over Crab Cakes with Hashbrowns

My friend ordered a plate of eggs Benedict over crab cakes. This came with hashbrowns. Not being a fan of poached eggs, my friend ordered the eggs Benedict scrambled. Yes, it was a slight modification to the original recipe for assurance that the eggs were not runny. The crab cakes were of the Maryland style, that being lump crab with light breading. This was fantastic because not only were they delicious, but you don’t have to go all the way to Maryland to have crab cakes done properly. And also with the dish came a side of vanilla rum French toast with a dollop of maple butter. Per my friend’s facial expression, she would have gone outside and had a cigarette to show approval of how tasty the French toast was.

Flight of French Toast

Flight of French Toast

I ordered a flight of French toast. Yes, I am exhausting all avenues of flights, having started with a flight of mojitos, and recently indulging flights of whiskey cocktails. Far be it from me to ring the bell tower when it comes to food. Wait. I will ring the bell tower to announce how much I loved the slices of the vanilla, strawberry, lemon, caramel, and blueberry French toast. I rolled my eyes, hummed, went into radio silence mode, smiled my stupid smile, and mumbled nonsense. And to make matters worse, I had a plate of scrambled eggs with gouda cheese in it. For my next confession, I shall let it be known that I have fallen in love with eggs scrambled well with gouda cheese in them.

Berries & Berries was well worth me getting out of bed early. While I can’t flag the restaurant as being couched in any specific ethnicity, I have an allowance for American fare on Chicago Alphabet Soup, especially when it involves the most important meal of the day. The service is outstanding and you really get won over when they show you photos of different dishes on iPads while using the same device to place your order. The prices are incredibly reasonable. But what matter most is the loving from the kitchen, whipped up in some batter with berries and a sprig of bliss.

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