Original Pancake House, Not the Original One, Though

Original Pancake House

Imagine a Saturday morning in April with birds chirping, blue skies, a gentle breeze, and temperatures hovering in the 70’s. It sounds almost like a scene you would project during meditation. For those of us in Chicago, we view it more as a tease because we are almost certain that the temperatures will drop by 11:00 AM and it will start to feel again like the beginning of winter or the last vestiges of winter. Of course, we cannot be bothered with Mother Nature tempting us with pleasant weather this early in the spring, so we continue with things like running errands, jogging, staying in bed late, and even avoiding chores around the house. And then there are those of us who rush to some breakfast spot. It goes without saying that eating is priority in my life and starting off with a divine breakfast is top priority — when I can actually get out of bed on Saturday mornings with any kind of inertia.

Orange Juice

Orange Juice

It was off to Original Pancake House at 7255 W. Madison Street in Forest Park. Having passed the restaurant several times, I knew how quickly it packed with patrons. So, it was necessary to arrive as soon as the doors opened because with the weather being so nice, I knew that people would be there like it was Black Friday. Wouldn’t you believe that I got there before the rush? Menu in hand and appetite alarm driving me insane, I ordered orange juice, a mushroom and cheddar omelette, and a Belgian waffle. Oh happy day!

Mushroom and Cheddar Omelette

Mushroom and Cheddar Omelette

The omelette was not some concoction from the kitchen, much like what I have had at countless breakfast restaurants made from fringe eggs. Granted it was not all cute and rectangular. That didn’t matter. It filled my plate before I started gobbling it and filling my belly. Then there was the Belgian waffle. Once you have a waffle from Original Pancake House, you will boycott Eggo. “Leggo me Eggo.” Please, you can have it because I’m going back to Original Pancake House. Now, one may think that the breakfast here may be much like what you get anywhere. No, no, no. The eggs and omelette are fluffy. The pancakes and waffles aren’t weighty, but are instead light and airy. I was happy when I finished dabbing at the corners of my mouth.

Belgian Waffle

Belgian Waffle

One thing to note about Forest Park is that there is a very strong atmosphere of family. You will find most establishments filled with families and close friends. Also, it appears that customers return to restaurants constantly to the point where the staff knows them well and interacts with the customers accordingly. The same can be said of this Original Pancake House location. The drive out to Forest Park was not all that bad as a result of a really good breakfast, which I knew I was going to enjoy, and pleasant service that was conversational. I have always been a huge fan of European breakfast options, but when I want a proper American breakfast, I will find myself at some Original Pancake House that isn’t bursting at the seams with diners. The location in Forest Park may not be the original one, but that’s okay. It’s good enough for me. (Isn’t that “It’s good enough for me” a part of some commercial jingle?)

Original Pancake House on Urbanspoon The Original Pancake House on Foodio54

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