Tac Quick, Slow, and Delicious Thai

Tac Quick

It was Saturday morning and I had an appetite for some Thai and French fusion. There is no doubt the question floating about now as to where one may find such cuisine. I had blogged about a French restaurant in Lakeview named Crepe Town. They prepare some of the most scrumptious crepes in America and to take the addiction to them up a few notches, they have a Thai influence in the recipe. As my luck would have it, there must be a lot of people in Chicago who love Crepe Town because the restaurant was filled when I arrived. And being in Chicago, I was fortunate enough to have some options in the nearby area. Across the street was Tac Quick at 3930 N. Sheridan Road. I was aware that I would not have any French, but there was indeed Thai for me enjoy.

Thai Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea

Beef Basil Rolls

Beef Basil Rolls

Full of light and vibrant with colours on the inside, Tac Quick looks nondescript when viewing it from the street. It’s once you get inside and the aroma of spices start to waft around you that you realize you are about to have one of many experiences. I began my first experience with beef basil rolls and a Thai iced tea. As to the rolls, think egg rolls, but stuffed with basil beef and vegetables. If you have ever had basil chicken or basil beef, think the dish stuffed into mini, crispy rolls. With a mildly sweet sauce for dipping, there simply were not enough, for these rolls were divine. And although the Brit in me loves Earl Grey tea, it does not compare to a tall glass of Thai iced tea.

Panang Gari Gai

Panang Gari Gai

Banana and Sticky Rice

Banana and Sticky Rice

I have a leaning more towards Thai curry dishes than I do other dishes. My favourite is panang curry. If I don’t have anything else at Thai restaurants, panang curry will be the only dish I will hanker for most. The panang curry at Tac Quick now ranks up there with my favourite. Instead of a thin sauce, it’s a thick gravy. Chicken, bell peppers, and basil in a panang curry is my passport to culinary heaven. Leaving a little room for dessert, I ordered a banana and sticky rice. Let me start by saying that I initially went to Tac Quick with no high expectations. After the first taste of the banana and sticky rice, they have set the bar high for what I expect from other Thai restaurants. Ripe banana over Thai sticky rice, topped with crushed peanuts, and accessorized with cashews, this is now my favourite Thai dessert. That also says a lot because I do not like the taste of dry peanuts.

Tac Quick is a quaint Thai eatery just a few steps away from the Sheridan Road Red Line stop. That section of Lakeview has a lot of charm with boutique restaurants and coffeehouses. I rank the service on the high end of customer satisfaction. Then again, the conversational Thai that I speak may have also made the service appear that more enjoyable. What I will say is that the dishes come with authenticity that makes a lot of Thai restaurants pale in comparison. There are countless Thai restaurants in Chicago that I have not journaled on Chicago Alphabet Soup because the flavouring is sub par to frozen food. But Tac Quick is absolutely reflective of Thai food prepared correctly, and that also means it does not come quick.

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