Starting the Morning at Bite Cafe

Bite Cafe

Going for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings in Chicago can be rather discouraging. Many breakfast spots have long lines outside and crowded waiting areas inside. If you are like me and you are not a fan of waiting a long time for something to eat, you end up preparing your own breakfast at home. And then you stumble upon Bite Cafe.

Coffee with Cream

Coffee with Cream

It could be that I arrived as soon as they opened for business because the restaurant did start to fill up later, but not such that patrons had to wait outside for a seat. This was a huge plus. Quite cozy on the inside, Bite Cafe does not fit the big box or even medium size restaurants. Not of the hole-in-the-wall variety, but definitely inviting, my appetite and I were rather happy.

Scrambled Eggs and Mashedbrown

Scrambled Eggs and Mashedbrown

I ordered mashedbrown, eggs scrambled well with Gruyère cheese, and the challah bread French toast. The mashedbrown was a potato cake that I’d buy in bulk and eat in the mornings for a breakfast snack. And since I was able to get Gruyère cheese in my eggs rather than American, jack, or cheddar cheese, I was in love. The French toast was so blooming good that it didn’t require any more syrup than the maple syrup drizzle that came on it. The hazelnut butter and banana creme anglaise gave flavour without making the toast excessively sweet.

Challah Bread French Toast

Challah Bread French Toast

So, it seems that Bite Cafe also has lunch and dinner menus. I shall have to return after work one of the days to check out those offerings. The breakfast set was definitely good enough for me to consider several more mornings visits.

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