Kim Long Chinese Restaurant, Longing for More

Kim Long Chinese Restaurant

I have a ritual of going to Somethin’ Sweet Donuts every weekend for a doughnut fix. On my recent visit, I asked the cashier about Kim Long Restaurant, which is the restaurant next door at 5114 W. Fullerton Avenue. I was wondering if she had gone there. She gave me a modest, “It’s okay” response. I have not been a fan of restaurant Chinese food since I had some truly authentic Chinese food in 1991, so I am always leery of getting China Buffet quality food when I go to any Chinese eateries. Well, let’s just say that it was considerably better than okay. I mentally went back to 1991.

Hong Kong Milk Tea

Hong Kong Milk Tea

Hong Kong milk tea. Hot and sour soup. Salt and pepper shrimp. Shrimp in lobster sauce. I figured that I would at least sample something familiar and two dishes that I had not had before. The goal was the avoid general chicken, kung pao, egg foo young, orange chicken, and the usual Americanized fare.

Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and Sour Soup

First, I am hooked on the Hong Kong milk tea. It reminds me of a cross between bubble tea without the tapioca pearls and Thai iced tea without the smokiness. For the muggy temperatures we had been having in Chicago, it was ideal for cooling off from the humidity. The hot and sour soup had a lot more flavour to it than what I’ve had at Americanized Chinese restaurants. The bowl of soup seemed full of ingredients, not just a few items swimming in a pool of broth. And it was hearty, quite impossible to be flavourless.

Salt and Pepper Shrimp

Salt and Pepper Shrimp

The salt and pepper shrimp was a winner. I wasn’t expecting the head to be attached to the shrimp. I am accustomed to having to pull the shell from the tail, but having it on the head was a surprise. Once I got the shell off, it was all good. And there was a fair amount of meat in the head, packing a succulent wallop. I’m addicted to the shrimp in lobster sauce. This entrée came with snow peas, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms. The shrimp was not of the miniature variety, quite plump and fresh on the palate. Served with rice and spicy as requested, I can say without hesitation that my craving had been satisfied thoroughly.

Shrimp in Lobster Sauce

Shrimp in Lobster Sauce

When I was leaving, I saw an older woman who used to be at Somethin’ Sweet Donuts when I first started going there. She yelled at me jokingly to not leave the restaurant without speaking, just before commenting about me having trimmed my beard since the last time she had seen me. I had a long conversation before leaving. She mentioned that Somethin’ Sweet Donuts and Kim Long Restaurant are family owned. I guess my ritual now will be to go to Kim Long Chinese Restaurant for dinner and then to Somethin’ Sweet Donuts for my usual doughnut dessert fix.

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2 thoughts on “Kim Long Chinese Restaurant, Longing for More

  1. Nice write-up and photos. I’m always leary of Chinese restaurants in this country. However, it looked rather authentic. Btw, if the Salt Pepper Shrimp is cooked properly, you can eat the head and shells altogether with the flesh,


    • The food definitely tasted closer to the authentic Chinese food I had decades ago. Now that I know who owns the restaurant, I’ll request something from the “underground menu.” I’ll get real Chinese food then.

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