Glenn’s Diner And I Don’t Mean Burgers, Fries, and Malts

When I think of diners, what comes to mind are burgers, fries, and milk shakes. And then you go to a neighbourhood like Ravenswood and find that the local diner is a seafood restaurant. You smile. Well, I smiled.

Glenn's Diner, Collage

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Let me start by saying that I had an aggressive appetite. CrossFit and kickboxing early in the morning had already worn me out, but in a good way. However, such intense workouts crank my appetite and I obey. Glenn’s Diner at 1820 W. Montrose Avenue certainly fits the bill for satisfying one’s craving.

Starting with brunch, I loved the chocolate chip waffle drizzled with chocolate syrup. Loved the scramble eggs with cheddar cheese. When brunch was done, I waited about 20 minutes, got my second wind, and then had the tuna tartar with chips. Raw tuna compacted together with avocado and onions. Delicious. And then I had halibut with potatoes and asparagus. Talk about flaky fish and everything being seasoned without being overdone. The jambalaya with cornbread was out of this world, although it didn’t come with rice. It was closer to the jambalaya that I’ve had in New Orleans than the attempts I’ve had at other New Orleans style restaurants in Chicago.

Jambalaya and Cornbread

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There is a constant flow of patrons coming and going at Glenn’s Diner. During midday the crowd was light. Given the breakfast was good, I imagine the morning crowd fills the restaurant. The food is certain worthy, so I can understand if the restaurant stays crowded. I’ll be a part of the constant crowd from now on, for true. So glad they were not about burgers, fries, and milk shakes.

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