Taste of Trinidad, Flavour for the North Side

Those who spend time in Chicago’s North Side and along the expanding Northwest Side corridor can attest to how great it is having stretches of shops and restaurants that pander to pedestrian traffic. Although Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Wicker Park, and River North may be the areas many will name first, Rogers Park is slowly becoming a haunt. No longer is Sheridan Road the only popular walking stretch, but there is also Howard Street just to the west of the Howard Red Line stop.

Taste of Trinidad

A few weekends ago I went to a Senegalese restaurant on Howard Street and fell in love with the establishment. On my way back to the Howard Red Line stop, I walked past a Trinidadian restaurant. This past weekend I went to that restaurant — Taste of Trinidad at 2045 W. Howard Street. Having had some authentic Trinidadian food, I had to see if this new find would be worthy of any return visits. Well, it is.



Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer

Considering how the temperatures waited until September to become unbearably hot and humid, I started with a sorrel. This hibiscus drink is very popular in Caribbean and West African menus. Per my usual extreme craving, I ordered a curry chicken roti. I had the option of having the roti with or without the bone. Going the cultural route, I ordered the dish with the bone in. Looking more like a stuffed burrito, there was chicken in a hearty curry gravy with chickpeas and potatoes. Delicious. And the roti was substantial, quite filling.

Roti with Curry Chicken

Roti with Curry Chicken

Because food at Taste of Trinidad is prepared to order, I waited a few minutes before ordering a plate of curried shrimp with pelau, plantains, and cabbage. The shrimp were fat. The curry gravy was out of this world. The pelau, which were rice and beans, could be a meal alone and one so tasty that no one would complain about no meat. As usual at Caribbean and African restaurants, the plantains were clearly prepared after they were properly ripe because they were neither al dente nor were they less than sweet. And the cabbage was simply divine. Having downed all of that, slowly and to completion, I had a homemade ginger beer that puts bottled ginger beer products to shame.

Curry Shrimp, Pelau, Plantains

Curry Shrimp, Pelau, Plantains

I some time to talk to the owner. He had mentioned that the restaurant was a franchise, after which I inquired as to whether the other franchise location was Cafe Trinidad at 700 E. 47th Street. His response was, “Yes!!!” I had already become a fan of Cafe Trinidad and I was rather pleased that Taste of Trinidad is consistent with good food and fantastic service. When the owner said, “I know you’ll be back,” I guess he could see on my face that I was a satisfied customer. Then again, it may have been the smear of gravy that was at the corner of my lips.

Taste of Trinidad Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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