La Vaca Margarita Bar Para Cumplaños Para Mi Amiga Buena

La Vaca Margarita Bar

When my former flatmate announced that she was going to have a birthday gathering at a restaurant in her old neighbourhood of Pilsen, I knew there would be authenticity to the food. She had mentioned La Vaca Margarita Bar at 1160 W. 18th Street. Those who have been in Chicago for several years know how Pilsen has undergone a bit of a change over the past seven or so years, albeit not rapid but definitely noticeable. And La Vaca Margarita Bar has retained much of the Mexican culture that has been slowly fading.



Very much a large setting, the restaurant is rather spacious. The second half of the restaurant has a huge bar with what looks like a remarkable selection of liquid love for any concoction imaginable. With a few of us having arrived early, we started with regular margaritas, rumchatas, and hibiscus margaritas. Wow! What-what! Rara-rara! Hats off to the bartender who made the drinks in a way that would make you guzzle them down like Kool-Aid, but will raise your feet a few inches off the ground.

Margarita, Rumchata, Hibiscus Margarita

Margarita, Rumchata, Hibiscus Margarita

One word is applicable for describing the food: outstanding. The quesadillas came with succulent chicken that had been accented with a tasty gravy, and were served with a salad under sour cream and fresh guacamole. The flautas were also prepared with fresh ingredients and with the tortillas nicely crunchy. The chicken taco with crispy onions had a very light, savoury gravy in the recipe that yielded a flavour in a way that the tacos required no salsa with them. The arroz with frijoles and chicken under mole is a dish that I recommend highly. Any dish with a good mole sauce should never be passed and the same applies to this one. As to the beer-battered fish taco, this was yet another dream on the palate. The coup de grace of everything was the platter of chicken and steak fajitas served with arroz and a medley of broccoli and carrots. The dish was the length of my elbow to my wrist and I have the arms of a basketball player. But it was the grand taste that was a winner.

Flight of Mexican Delicacies

Quesadillas with Chicken. Flautas. Chicken Taco. Arroz, Frijoles, and Chicken in Mole Sauce. Fish Taco. Steak and Chicken Fajitas.

As I had mentioned, Pilsen is undergoing a creeping change in the neighbourhood. The Mexican aspects of the culinary representation in Pilsen is not changing, although the influx into the neighbourhood is not Mexican. For those who like to go to restaurants with large parties of friends or family members, this is one location in Chicago that I think is a fit. The food should be shared family style. Even if it is a small party of two or three, I think this is still an excellent restaurant to add to your outing list. With top service and lip-smacking food from the cocina, my former flatmate brought in age 40 with a satisfied look on her face and a filled belly. So did the rest of us.

La Vaca Margarita Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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