Rickshaw Republic, Starting 2016

Rickshaw Republic

So, here we are at 2016. Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2015 saw warm weather. The very end of the year went from moderate temperatures to icy overnight. That’s Chicago for you. With those temperatures hovering  near single digits, that means my appetite requires more satisfaction. My ongoing New Year’s Eve Resolution is to search for more food. Only two days into 2016 and I find myself in some restaurant experiencing food happiness.

Sate Ayam

Sate Ayam

Rickshaw Republic at 2312 N. Lincoln Avenue became my first new restaurant for the Near Year with international flare. Several years ago, I had gone to an Indonesian restaurant in Rogers Park and it has since closed. There is another restaurant in Lincoln Park that marries Indonesian and Dutch influence. However, I wanted 100% Indonesian, not fusion, not influence, not faux.

Sate Udang

Sate Udang

For one starter, I had sate ayam. This was chicken satay served on wooden skewers. Dipped in a peanut sauce and topped with crushed peanuts along with a small cucumber salad, I was off to a satisfying start. The sate udang, which was huge shrimp cut butterfly style and served on skewers with a ginger sauce and small cucumber salad, I was almost to my happy place.

Beef Rendang, Coconut Rice, String Beans, Corn Fritter

Beef Rendang, Coconut Rice, String Beans, Corn Fritter

At the recommendation of the server, I arrived at my happy place thanks to a plate of beef rendang, coconut rice, spicy string beans, potato and corn fritter, boiled egg, and zucchini and carrot salad. The panang and other gravies were addictive. I figured the string beans and fritter would be pedestrian, but they were anything but bland accompaniments. The curry gravy over the green beans was not overpowering, which allowed for tasting garden fresh beans. The corn fritter would make a perfect morning starter. The winners were the tender beef under panang gravy and the lip-smacking coconut rice.

Wedang Cincau dan Selasih

Wedang Cincau dan Selasih

I realized that I was not going to have any room for dessert, so I opted for something that would not be heavy on my stomach. The main cook, who I believe owns the restaurant, brought a glass of wedang cincau dan selasih to me. If anyone had told me that grass jelly and basil seeds in ginger syrup was a good option, let alone good for digestion, I would have smirked and ordered something else. Nary a drop of alcohol in it, I could easily become addicted to it as if it was spiked.

Rickshaw Republic has been in Chicago’s Lincoln Park for over three years. Since Angin Mamari, the Indonesian restaurant I mentioned earlier close, Rickshaw Republic is indeed the only authentic Indonesian restaurant in metropolitan Chicago. The inside is spacious. The service was outstanding, from the recommendations and the owner even coming out to chat briefly. Rickshaw Republic has another fan: me.

Oh, my realistic New Years Resolution: wait until leaving the restaurant to squeal with satisfaction if the food is really, really, OMG, really delicious.

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