Make it Spicy, Spicier, 527 Cafe

527 CafeLong trips away are fantastic. The return is a bit much to bear, though, especially if it means you come home to an empty refrigerator. As a bachelor with a constant appetite that keeps me at some restaurant, I should know better. But it’s still good to know that in a city of options, I won’t suffer jet lag on an empty stomach.

Green Tea

Green Tea

While having a moment to relax and catch up on a few email notes, since I don’t read email or texts while I’m gone on personal holiday, I saw one note from a friend who had asked me about any Taiwanese restaurants in the metropolitan area. A quick Google search turned up one for 527 Cafe at 527 Davis Street in Evanston, Illinois. I yawned, stretched, grabbed my camera, and dashed to the bus stop.

I arrived to the sound of laughter, forks clinking on plates, spoons scraping bowls, and slurping. And if the vibrant colours didn’t wake me up, the smells coming from the kitchen did. At the counter, I asked for recommendations for a few Taiwanese dishes. Not necessarily looking to stuff myself to capacity, since trans Atlantic flights feed you well, I took recommendations for a snack item and one that would not have my stomach growling during my intended 12-hour slumber.

Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn Shrimp

For a starter, I had popcorn chicken. My initial thought was that I would get a plate of chicken tenders cut into smaller pieces. What I got was what I imagine to be some rather addictive street food. Not only were the bite size chicken tender and juicy, but the batter was rather spicy. I can’t emphasize  how much I love spicy food. I quickly flagged this as a favourite and any time I am in Evanston in the future, this will be my go-to item while having a quick stroll through downtown Evanston to and from whatever destination I have there.

Spicy Fish Stir Fry

Spicy Fish Stir Fry

When I was ordering, the woman at the cash register had asked what kind of meat I liked. Being a lover of seafood, she offered the recommendation of spicy fish. This came as a stir fry with onions and bell peppers. It was spicier than I had expected and I thanked the cashier because clearly she recognized that I would be fine devouring dishes with a kick to them.

Many Asian restaurants in the metropolitan Chicago area have a tendency to entertain a fusion component in their menus. While there are indeed some authentic Taiwanese dishes on their menus, I think there are also some Korean items available. The cashier was outstanding with giving recommendations and even when I had told her about my friend who asked about any Taiwanese restaurants, more specifically any that sell “lunch boxes,” she told me to have my friend come for a visit. I shall, and I will accommodate her on what shall be a return visit for me.

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