Furious Spoon, Angry Chopsticks

Furious Spoon

Having eaten ramen to the point of disgust during my university days, it has taken me 26 years to entertain the thought of indulging a bowl of it. Having had ramen recently at two other restaurants that have slowly changed my mind, I decided to try Furious Spoon. The location nearest me is at 2410 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square.

Chicken Citrus Ramen

Citrus Chicken Shio Ramen

The location is fast casual, so there is no table service. And, with there not being an ordering counter in eyeshot, it is mildly confusing at first as to the process of ordering. There are slates of menus on one wall across from the central bar. Not an extensive menu, but you order at the bar and take a seat, after which servers bring your food to you.

Bunny Sparkling Sake

Bunny Sparkling Sake

From a menu boasting vegetarian, beef, pork, and chicken options, I ordered citrus chicken shio ramen. I requested the addition of sweet corn, poached egg, bean sprouts and mushrooms. Arriving at the table in a large bowl, I worked my furious chopsticks on the ramen and then slurped the rest. I would have to dig a hole to China to find something wrong with the ramen. And to wash it all down, I had a bottle of Bunny Sparkling Sake.  I need to find out what local markets sell it. Wow!!!

Curious as to other offerings, I returned a week later and had a rice bowl. I ordered the furious beef bowl — spicy beef brisket with snow peas, eggplant, and the addition of corn, mushrooms, and a side of fury sauce because there is no such thing as too spicy for me. For all the Korean rice bowls I’ve eaten over the past few years, Furious Spoon takes the win. Again, I employed furious chopsticks on the bowl. Fork, what? And just to pander to my sake addiction, I played it safe and had Bunny Sparkling, although there are other sake and beverage options.

Furious Beef Rice Bowl

Furious Beef Rice Bowl

Furious Spoon has seemingly become a popular congregating spot. There is a constant flow of customers, some taking advantage of indoor seating, many taking advantage of the outdoor seating when the weather is nice. For those who may want a quiet to a moderately lively setting, the music on the inside is loud, so there is a bit of a bar ambience. But once you get a bowl in front of you, it won’t matter. You’ll be too busy satisfying your furious craving.

Furious Spoon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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