Addis Cafe for Best Breakfast Ever

Addis Cafe

While going for nigiri at a Japanese restaurant in Oak Park with my restaurant advisor, we walked by a nearby coffeehouse. The name, Addis Cafe, was rather captivating to us, as we wondered if it was a cafe that served Ethiopian options for the palate. After a quick Google search, since the cafe was closed, we saw that they indeed served coffee but they also served breakfast options along the lines of waffles and scones. So, during the weekend, I returned to Addis Cafe at 818 S. Oak Park Avenue in Oak Park, IL, while my restaurant advisor had homeowner tasks to tend to.

Salted Caramel Waffles with Chai

Salted Caramel Waffles with Chai

Let me just say that I love the limited menu concept. It’s very reminiscent of cafes throughout Europe, South America, and sections of Australia where what’s served has been perfected because there isn’t a focus on trying to cover a plethora of menu items. I started with a spicy chai and a plate of salted caramel waffles. When I requested that the chai be spicy, I got it exactly how I wanted it. And having had waffles from all over the world, the waffles at Addis Cafe rank on my Top 5 Waffles Worldwide List. It’s one thing to mention that they’re crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It’s another to mention that they actually pop with flavour and require no syrup.

For the second round, I considered a cup of coffee, but I had another spicy chai and a plate of mixed berry compote waffles to go with it. Unlike most compote, the version at Addis Cafe did not have the berries drowned in syrup. It was almost as if the berries had been macerated so that they were in their natural juices. This made it that much better because I could taste the berries without a saccharine heaviness on my tongue. With no more room for eating more, I shall return at a later date for a sampling of their savoury waffle topped with gorgonzola and sun-dried tomatoes.

Mixed Berry Compote Waffles

Mixed Berry Compote Waffles

Addis Cafe is a quaint coffeehouse with extremely reasonable prices and outstanding service. I’m slowly working coffee back out of my diet, so I didn’t have any for making an observation of quality and taste. The chai was addictive enough. I will also have to save room for one or two scones. Oak Park is very family oriented so there were several parties that came in with little kids, the parents letting the kids have a good run of the place. There are no meat options on the menu, but everything is so blooming good that you won’t miss meat. Addis Cafe proves that the  most inconspicuous places are absolute top.

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