Dos Urban Cantina, Mixing It Up Mexican

After months of putting off getting together with two great friends because of schedule conflicts, frigid temperatures, and all sorts of other hurdles we were clearing, we finally set a date. This was a celebratory dinner. It was a late birthday dinner for my former flatmate, a celebration for our mutual friend who accepted a position at a new company, and an early birthday dinner for me. What better way for a gathering than to try something new, Dos Urban Cantina at 2829 W. Armitage Avenue in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.

Chips and Dips

We arrived early enough to partake of happy hour. That meant a sampling of several small dishes, for sure. It also meant discounted cocktails. So there were libations for toasting and mellowing before. And first to the table were chips and dips. The guacamole was creamy and spicy thanks to the addition of some peppers. The roasted tomato salsa was another spicy delight. The pumpkin seed hummus was a nice change from traditional chickpea hummus.

Chicken Wings

The chipotle glazed chicken wings coated with sesame seeds were very reminiscent of Korean barbecue wings. These also had a kick to them and it was nice that the glaze was neither cloying nor overpowering. This was the appetizer that we wanted to order for a second round.

Tamal Tots

The tamal tots were a surprise. Who would have every thought to fry tamales up like tatertots? Served with a mild habanero crema, these were way better than expected. The combination of tamale flavor and crunch certainly move these up as a recommended appetizer.


Another winner from the appetizer section was the plate of enchiladas. These were small, fried, stuffed with a tasty cheese, and topped with a queso fresco. Compared to the other appetizers that had a bit of pepper to kick in on the back, this was mild.


I can now say that some of the best ceviche that I have had outside of Mexico, Central, and South America was at Dos Urban Cantina. I love spicy food and anything with heat is a winner. The ceviche was packed with lots of flavor, but the addition of a few red peppers took it up several notches. It countered the tartness of the lemon juice without a need for salt. To sum it up in one word: outstanding.

Seared Scallops

Moving into big plates, the seared scallops we devoured the seared scallops in silence. Served with shrimp toast ahogada, pickled spring onion, and turnip, we swiped through the gravy and finished this dish with a few random sighs and nods. When the server said that this was one of her favorite dishes, we understood why.

Short Ribs with Pinto Beans

A bit heartier was the plate of short ribs with pinto beans. This came with a side of flour tortillas that we stuffed the tender short ribs, beans, radish, and charred lettuce in. After a while of total satisfaction, we used the tortillas to sop the remaining gravy. Yes, by now, we felt quite at home.

Octopus Fried Rice

The addiction course was the octopus fried rice. This was what dreams are made of. The accent of garlic thankfully did not ruin the recipe, but rather hinted at its addition. Unlike octopus or squid at some restaurants, it was so tender that slicing through it with a dull eating utensil was possible without effort.

Because we had overindulged, we settled on one dessert: chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. Okay, that would be two desserts. The cake had the texture and the trace of Betty Crocker in it, quite possibly made moister with sour cream. Texture was a giveaway. Nevertheless, it was a nice wrap-up to an extremely satisfying dinner.

Generally, you get really good Mexican food at taquerias. When restaurants take on a mainstream look and feel, the cuisine seems to pale. At Dos Urban Cantina, while there is a bit of mixing it up in the recipes, the spirit of Mexican food still shines. It’s an action-packed restaurant. After you feast on several menu items, it become apparent why. This is another restaurant I should not have taken so long to visit.

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