Latinicity, a Taste of Latin America

Chips con guacamole y congrejo. Tacos pescada y camaron.
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A few years ago when Latinicity opened, I went for trying a few restaurants. They had some good options and tasty food to match. I recently had some free time on my hands and returned for more current samplings.

From Mariscos, I had the chips con guacamole y congrejo. Not only was the guacamole fresh and mildly spicy the way that I like it, but the congrejo was real crab, not imitation. The shrimp taco had fried popcorn shrimp instead of broiled shrimp. It was a changeup from what I’ve had before. Yet, it worked just the same. As to the fish taco, I loved it. The slaw wasn’t overpowering and the talapia was meaty without the fishy aftertaste.

From Chaufa Wok, I had a large plate of Sao Paublo style yakisoba. This was a dream. The whole Asia meets Mexico in the recipe made for a very tasty dish. It actually reminded me of Japanese yakisoba that I had in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This dish is a bit hearty, so for anyone wanting to try several other dishes along with this one, I recommend going with someone so that you can share it or plan for multiple visits so that you can enjoy this dish to completion.

A week later I returned to try some other menu items. My first stop was at Tortas & Molletes. The first win came with the tortilla soup that had a faint peppery bite to it. Unlike tortilla soups that I have had at restaurants previously, this one did not taste like tomato soup with tortillas added. The second win came from the torta milanesa. There was something simplistic in the construct of the sandwich yet full of flavor from the black bean puree, pickled chile, chipotle aioli, and oaxaco cheese.

The second station that I stopped at was Sushi & Ceviche Bar. I only had enough room for something light, so the shrimp ceviche with tomato habanero broth was it. Who would have thought that diced tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, orange segments, and pickled onion would be so blooming tasty? It was a nice touch of Peruvian ceviche married to the Caribbean.

One thing I like about Latinicity is the variety, albeit found in only a few vendors. I must admit that I thought there were more restaurants before. Of course, that was over five years ago. I recall there being restaurants to the right of the entrance as well as the current restaurants to the left of the entrance. Nevertheless, next time I am downtown, I will make plans to stop I again to try some other offerings.

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