Aye, Aye, Tacos Tequilas

Tacos Tequilas
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Since we have been in pandemic mode, as of the beginning of March, I have been cooking at home more. And when I have not been cooking, I will occasionally order takeaway from any of the restaurants that deliver within the Logan Square vicinity. Recently, while having a vacation day to cleanse my mental palate, I happened to pass through the Avondale neighborhood just to the north of Logan Square. In passing, there was Tacos Tequilas at 2919 N. Milwaukee Avenue that I had ordered delivery from several times. With the weather being fantastic and nice enough for sitting outside, I stopped by for a sit-down.

Because dining on the inside was not available, I cannot speak to the interior. There was enough seats outside that I could enjoy myself without any crowding. Also, with most people perhaps being at work or working from home, I had the front patio to myself. Having gone overboard eating tacos, I chose something different so that I can reset my palate.

For my first landing, I ordered uchepos gratinados. These fresh corn masa tamales drizzled with roasted chilaca, cream, and cheese were a change from the usual tamales with shredded chicken. I must admit that I would gladly order these tamales without hesitation over tamales with chicken in them. The chilacas uchepos gratinados were mild. Those who are not fans of heat in their food would love these tamales.

The second landing were enmoladas. This was the winner. Three rolled corn tortillas stuffed with chicken and doused with the restaurant’s red mole sauce and served with Mexican rice, this will be my go-to dish for dine-in or takeaway. As a fan of mole, I appreciate that the enmoladas were not drowned in the sauce because I could enjoy all of it without any overpowering flavor. I don’t know how long the chicken had been cooked, but one thing I must say is that trying a few shreds of the chicken alone was all I needed to know that it must be cooked slowly and seasoned well to have such a succulent pop.

Having a little room for a postre, I finished with a plate of churros con chocolate. The mark of a good churro is that when it gets room temperature, it doesn’t get tough. I could indulge the churros with a cup of coffee for a late afternoon moment of relaxation. It would have been nice if Taco Tequilas sold coffee or Mexican hot chocolate because either would be an outstanding accompaniment to the churros.

Being the only person at the restaurant dining on-site meant I had dedicated table service. As I am not a needy patron when eating, the server seemed to approach the table only when I had finished each landing. That is something I appreciate because I get to enjoy the dining experience without having to acknowledge whether everything is okay while having food in my mouth or midway putting food into my mouth. Granted there may not be many more days that I can sit outside and partake of anything at the restaurant, I will order delivery or takeaway when I have a craving for something else from the menu. Their good eating definitely deserves an encore.

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