Volcano Sushi, Flavor Explosion


Chicago recently went from temperatures in the 80’s to temperatures in the 50’s overnight. That coupled with high winds put a halt to walking outside. But Mother Nature was kind enough to give the city some warmth for a day. So I took advantage of it and stopped by a sushi restaurant in the neighborhood. I had a sit-down at Volcano Sushi Restaurant at 2521 N. California Avenue.

This used to be Inoko Sushi, which had replaced Hachi, and I think may have closed during the pandemic and since opened under new management. Nevertheless, Volcano Sushi is a spacious spot with plenty of seats inside and outside.

Salmon Maki

Having an appetite, I opted for the all-you-can-eat sushi. This is not buffet style, but mote like a prix fixe ala carte option. For my first landing, I ordered a spicy salmon roll, unagi roll, sweet potato tempura, and crunchy tempura roll. After a bite of each, I finished the rest without using any soy sauce. The sauce that had been drizzled over the rolls was enough and allowed for the flavor of the rolls to come through without competition on the palate.

Flight of Maki Rolls

For the second landing, I ordered a red snapper maki and ebi sushi. The red snapper maki was a California roll topped with red snapper and drizzled with eel sauce. Loved it. The ebi sushi was a butterfly shrimp over rice that I equally enjoyed. Finished with green tea, that was more than enough for the $23.95 price.

Red Snapper Maki, Ebi Sushi

Given the price for the all-you-can-eat, I was expecting to be disappointed with at least one choice. That was not the case. The flavor was not questionable and the ingredients were certainly fresh. In my usual fashion of arriving at restaurants before crowds, service was not scrambled, so I got to enjoy everything and the restaurant staff was proper attentive. Next time I walk or drive through the vicinity of Logan Square where Volcano Sushi is and I have a craving, I shall stop in for another flavor explosion.

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