The Mukase — Ghanaian Style

Collage of Ghanaian Dishes

During the pandemic, I cooked at home mostly. It gave me time to get back to preparing a lot of cultural dishes. When I was not in the mood for being in the kitchen, I ordered delivery and takeaway. One restaurant that jumped out at me when I was looking for something I’d like but hadn’t tried was The Mukase at 1363 W. Wilson Avenue in Ravenswood. They have not resumed dine-in, but the takeaway offerings have been just as delicious.

I ordered several Ghanaian dishes on two separate occasions. On the first pass, I had red-red, croaker fish with kelewele, attieke with croaker fish. On the second pass, I had palm nut soup, okra soup, and jollof rice with croaker fish. Having eaten my share of Ghanaian dishes, I can attest to the authenticity. I can also speak to the proper amount of spices in all of the dishes. They do not shy away from perking dishes up with a fair amount of peppers while still allowing other flavors to pop.

Getting my introduction to The Mukase during the pandemic and they not having resumed in-house dining, I can’t only speak to table service. What I will say is that food is clearly prepared to order. That means that nothing will get handed to you within 10-15 minutes of you stating what you want. I have yet to get an order in quick fashion and I have been satisfied each time. Food being cooked on the spot and tasting way past delicious are why I continue to return.

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