Moroccan Lunch

One of my favorite pastimes is eating good food. What better way to find out about fantastic restaurants than to read a review? Well, that does not always seem to work. Quite often, I read restaurant reviews written by critics and I wonder if they send apprentices to sample the dishes and report what was on the menu, the ambiance of the restaurants, and whether the service warrants time to write an authentic review. You never get the impression that the food critic actually went to the restaurant. Let’s not forget about the mad rant from some random critic who is simply angry on the general principle and doesn’t have anything nice to say. People like that just want a hug — that’s all.

Being someone who will try anything once, that is within reason, I decided to start a journal of Chicago-based restaurants that have an international presence in the cuisine. Where else in America, other than in New York City, can you find a wealth of restaurants that cater to every ethnicity that lives in the immediate city? Having lived abroad and traveled internationally rather extensively, my tastes in food consists primarily of ethnic cuisine — i.e., Ethiopian, Indian, Thai, Jamaican, Ghanaian, Mediterranean, Senegalese, and Moroccan. [As you may notice, my definition of ethnic is in the global sense — translation: not American or based in America or in any region of America.] I am far from being a food critic with reviews in major newspapers and magazines, so you will find a lot of humor in the reviews, which will give readers a feeling that they are having a conversation with a friend or family member about a restaurant. I list the restaurants according to their ethnicities alphabetically. Many of the eateries are off the beaten path, corner shops, hidden gems, or just holes in the wall.

I hope that you not only enjoy perusing the blog, but that you may find yourself inclined to try one or more of the restaurants. If you have any suggestions for any good independent ethnic restaurants, send those in. It will be nice to hear what other adventurous restaurant connoisseurs recommend.

Bon apetite.

Gino Williams

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