Swedish — Ann Sather

Ann Sather

Years ago when it was my turn at work to bring in doughnuts, bagels, or something sweet for breakfast, I always went by Ann Sather for my purchase. In the suburbs where I was working at the time, there were the various bakeries that sold the usual doughnuts, ala Dunkin Donuts. Unlike when Dunkin Donuts had first opened its doors to business, it has since become a bake shop and the concept of the baking the doughnuts on the premises had come to a disappointing halt. Needless to say, I chose to buy some fresh cinnamon rolls to take to work when it was my turn rather than torture my co-workers with stale Dunkin Donuts purchased at sunrise. People at work would mumble, Oooh and Aahhh. They envied our city fare when it came to tasty food.

Swedish Waffles

Swedish Waffles

My discovery of Ann Sather also meant that I had at least one ethnic restaurant to blog for Chicago Alphabet Soup. My first visit to Ann Sather for the purpose of blogging the restaurant was at the Southport Corridor location. I was stuffed to capacity, happy as a lark, and had a nice write-up for the reading audience. Later, the restaurant closed its doors to business. The Southport Corridor had lost a great establishment and I had a write-up to a location that was no longer open for patronage. Of course, there were other locations of Ann Sather in the city and I made it a point to eventually get around to returning for an update to my original blog entry. That day came and it was the Edgewater location at 1147 Granville Avenue where I had a window seat and an appetite for something from the menu.

Eggs Scrambled with Mascarpone Cheese

Eggs Scrambled with Mascarpone Cheese

Filled with the usual North Side cast of characters, I eyed the bill of fare for the breakfast options and was ready to stop my belly from rumbling. I ordered the Swedish waffles and eggs scrambled well with mascarpone cheese. The waffles were thin, but not crepe thin, and fluffy. They certainly were not of the Eggo quality either, as I could taste the buttery flavour in the recipe. The two of them, that I drizzled rather than drowned with syrup, were just what I needed to silence the monster. The first time I had gone to Ann Sather for breakfast, I was introduced to having cream cheese in my scrambled eggs. This time there was no cream cheese, but there was mascarpone cheese and I indulged it all the same. The two guys sitting next to me when I had ordered the eggs looked at me as though I was an exotic not from America. Well, I am from London, albeit I grew up in America, but that is besides the point. When the eggs had arrived, they watched me with curiosity. I think some people love looking at exotics. And for a nice wrap-up, I had coffee and a cinnamon roll. You have not had a good cinnamon roll until you have had a warm, soft cinnamon roll from Ann Sather. I know there are some individuals debating my observation, someone whose point of reference for a good cinnamon roll is a concoction not too different from a Pillsbury cinnamon roll from the can. I pity said individuals.

Cinnamon Roll and Coffee

Cinnamon Roll and Coffee

It goes without saying that Chicago has countless restaurants that come and go. Ann Sather is a Chicago chain and one that people appreciate greatly. All you have to do is walk by any one of the locations and see the place teeming with patrons. The breakfasts simply cannot be denied as some of the best you will get in Chicago. Walker Brother, Original Pancake House, IHOP, and the various breakfast houses that those of the suburban ilk love more than their weekend trip to Wal-Mart are worthy of their praise. Then there is Ann Sather where not only do you get stupendous breakfast, outstanding service, and food at a price that doesn’t make you sigh, but you can also get a cinnamon roll that will shoot you straight to the moon. Hmm. Houston, we have a problem. We’re out of cinnamon rolls.

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