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If you have any recommendations for restaurants with international origins, I would like to hear from you. Chicago is a wonderland of spectacular eateries, so it is always nice to find out how others feel about other cafes, restaurants, diners, dives, walk-ups, coffeehouses, and bistros that interest a global palate.

Because Chicago Alphabet Soup is a showcase of my passions — i.e., eating, writing, and photography — a third party presence on the blog is a no. While I welcome contacts and suggestions, the following will not get a landing spot on Chicago Alphabet Soup:

  • Photos or press releases from anyone
  • Requests for promoting events through an ad presence or social media outlet
  • Assistance with finding contestants for cooking shows
  • Assistance with finding judges for cooking shows
  • Displaying fashion, since this blog is about food
  • Advertising smartphone applications
  • Any kind of partnership requests

For any restaurant owners, chefs, cooks, or staff that may wander across Chicago Alphabet Soup and see a write-up of their establishment, send me an email to let me know what you thought. Chances are you will have forgotten about the overzealous foodie guy with the camera that clicked away almost ten photos in a single second. But if you’re on Chicago Alphabet Soup, it means my dining experience was memorable enough to recommend.

Eat up!

Gino Williams
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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Gino,

    I sent you a couple of emails about partnership possibilities. I believe we can partner (and get you paid) in a way that is consistent with the terms you outlined on you “contact” page. Please reach out to me at Our app is called Giftie and I believe you will enjoy it.




  2. Hi Chicago Alphabet Soup,

    My name is Antoine Members. I am a 3 year resident of the West Loop with my wife, Charmin. We have organized a food tour in the West Loop. Our launching date is on the 27th of June. We will run the food tour every Monday from June 27 until the last Monday of October. I believe this food tour will promote our city and the participating restaurants. The participating restaurants are: Bang Chop, Haymarket and Bin 36. It will be honor for Chicago Alphabet Soup to help spread the word about the food tour. The link of the food tour is below.


    • Hello, Antoine, thanks for the information. Could you send a plugger flyer that I can post on the blog and on the Chicago Alphabet Soup Facebook page? Visuals grab individuals’ attention quickly. Thanks in advance.


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