Italian — Renaldi’s Pizza Pub

Renaldi’s Pizza Pub


After dinner with a very good friend a few weeks ago, he had mentioned something along the lines of me trying an Italian restaurant. Since that recommendation, my lips have been smacking away at the thought of indulging some rustic, Neopolitan, or Sicilian dish. Having gone to the cinema to see “The Artist” — this was a really cool take on silent picture shows, and done very well — I wanted to satisfy my want for an Italian dish. I had promised another very good friend that we would catch up after I had finished at the cinema and I asked him if there were any Italian restaurants in a central area where we could meet. With a quick response, he sent me a text message that he would meet me at Renaldi’s Pizza Pub, located at 2827 N Broadway Street in Chicago’s Lakeview.

Garlic Bread

My friend ordered a basket of bread sticks stuffed with cheese and served with marinara sauce. These bread sticks alone were an entrée. But he then ordered a lasagne for his actual entrée. Although I did not have a taste of it, I could tell from the look of it that it was worthy. Let me just say that this was not a case of looks being deceiving because my friend all but wiped his plate. For me, I ordered a loaf of garlic bread that I gobbled up with olive oil. Why did I think that it was fine to eat a whole loaf of bread like that? Why did I order a plate of cheese raviolis with a meat sauce? Why did I eat all of it and then took the last bit of bread and sopped the remaining meat sauce? Why did I sit for a while and then walked a mile to a gelatoria to have an afogato? Why did I sleep on the bus going home and almost missed my stop? I was not really expecting a lot when I went to Renaldi’s Pizza Pub, but I was pleasantly surprised. Oh, and why am I plotting a return visit in the upcoming days?

Cheese Raviolis with Meat Sauce

Renaldi’s Pizza Pub is not a premier pizza house. It is a bar that serves some rather good Italian food. I cannot speak to their pizzas, as I would create a rather embarrassing scene of howling like a wolf if I have another slice of any pizza any time soon. There is a such thing as overload and at my age, I cannot love pizza endlessly the way that I did during my younger years. With the tele playing at full blast, and the station tuned in is probably to some sports, there is a bit of an upscale sports bar atmosphere. That is fantastic for the college crowd and those who love to immerse themselves in the college setting. But when you look beyond all of that, there is some rather good food to be had. I recommend ordering a pasta dish. Reasonable prices and smiling wait staff, I could see myself going back a few more times for some more ravioli. Watching the Denver Broncos win over the Pittsburg Steelers and having a plate of some ravioli that should make every grocery store rid their shelves of canned Chef-Boyardee ravioli was a grand way to end a Sunday evening.

8 January 2012
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